Le Casque
Sound installation, 16"08', variable dimensions/ 2023 
聲音裝置、16"08'、尺寸依空間調整/ 2023

At the left choir transept (left ear) area  in the « CdV » - The solo exhibition of Chia-En Jao at Taipei fine art museum, two artworks are displayed. The first piece, "Le Casque," is a captivating 16-minute sound installation with a clever double meaning. The title refers to both the white helmets worn during colonial times and modern-day headphones. To create this installation, the artist composed music using sheet music from the years between 1850 and 1950, digitally processed through computer notation and music software, and the MIDI files serving as document.

The design of the sound field revolves around a rotating disk in a counterclockwise direction, shaping the sound and inviting the audience to walk counterclockwise around the musical scores, providing an immersive experience. Moreover, the lighting from the windows synchronizes with the sound field and speaker positioning, enhancing the overall concept.

These carefully chosen sheet music pieces come from the artist's private collection, where there were over 150 sheets to select from. The artist thoughtfully picked 31 sheets based on themes and images, fostering a meaningful dialogue between visuals and sounds. The music falls into four main categories:
a) Music created for expositions and celebrations during the colonial economy
b) Military and colonial music
c) Products and economic exchange between people
d) Stereotypes.

在台北市立美術館的 « CdV » - 饒加恩個展中,位於左耳堂禮拜堂(transept)放置了兩組作品,Le Casque是件約16分鐘8秒的聲音裝置,Le Casque則有兩個意思,可為殖民時期的白色頭盔,或在今日指著耳機。空間中的音樂是由1850-1950時期的樂譜,透過電腦製譜與音樂軟體樂器類型混音,以樂譜midi文件的概念製作,聲場的設計則以逆時針旋轉的碟盤為概念,除了讓聲音造形化之外,也驅動觀眾以逆時針的方向繞著空間中的樂譜行走,窗戶的進光也配合音場的設計與音響的配置。這些樂譜則是藝術家的私人收藏,從150多張樂譜中依據主題與圖像選擇出31張,讓圖像與聲音對話。其中大致分為四個方向:a. 帝國殖民經濟下的博覽會與慶典的音樂製造 b.軍隊與殖民地 c. 物產與人的經濟交換 d. 刻板化
Les Partitions
樂譜收藏 、上色台座/ 2023- 
Music score collection, coloured plinth/ 2023- 
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