Le Casque
Sound installation, 16"08', variable dimensions/ 2023 
聲音裝置、16"08'、尺寸依空間調整/ 2023

在台北市立美術館的 « CdV » - 饒加恩個展中,位於左耳堂禮拜堂(transept)放置了兩組作品,其中Le Casque是件約16分鐘8秒的聲音裝置,Le Casque則有兩個意思,可為殖民時期的白色頭盔,或在今日指著耳機。

這個聲音裝置是由11張樂譜所構成,由1866年的Toby-Polka開始,而以1937年的 Bouquet Salabert結束,透過數位製譜與電腦軟體的混音和聲場設計,讓音樂在空間中以逆時針旋轉的碟盤造形旋轉播放,讓觀眾進入一個儀式般的迴旋聲場,透過音樂的類型喚起觀者對其製造的時代與文本。

In the "CdV" - Jao Chia-En solo exhibition at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, two sets of works are placed in the transept chapel. Among them, "Le Casque" is an approximately 16-minute and 8-second sound installation. The term "Le Casque" carries a dual meaning, referring to the white helmets of the colonial period or pointing to headphones in today's context.

This sound installation is composed of 11 sheet music pages, starting with Toby-Polka in 1866 and concluding with Bouquet Salabert in 1937. Through digital score composition and computer software for mixing and spatial sound design, the music is played in the space in a rotating disc-shaped form counterclockwise. This creates a swirling sound field, allowing the audience to enter into a ritualistic auditory experience. Through the types of music presented, the installation evokes the viewer's response to the era and context it produces.
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