Work description: A traditional lullaby sang by the curator Nazli Gurlek and the song was played by a old tape player and held by Turkish immigrants who work in the liquor stores and fried fish shops at midnight. 
Dandini dandini danali bebek
Elleri kollari kinali bebek
Benim de yavrum cicili bebek
Uyusun da buyusun ninni...
Dandini dandini dastana
Danalar girmis bostana
Kov bostanci danayi
Yemesin lahanayi...
Lahanayi yemez kokunu yer
Benim de kuzum lokum yer
Uyusun da buyusun ninni
Tipis tipis yurusun ninni...

Dandini dandini baby with the veal
Hennaed my baby’s arms and hands
My sweet baby
Go to sleep and grow up…
Dandini dandini dastana
Veals are in the field
Hey farmer give them off
They shall not eat the cabbage…
Will they not eat the cabbage but my baby’s scent
My little lamb eats delight
Go to sleep and grow up 
And you walk…
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