« CdV » - The solo exhibition of Chia-En Jao showcases eight works, using the cross of a Catholic church as the blueprint for the spatial concept. In the nave, there is a collaboration with the Collection Raudauer from Vienna, presenting the "journey of objects" and replicating a fragile glass lantern slide to resurrect the only documentary image from the 1910 Japan-Britain Exposition. On the trapezoidal pedestal in the crossing, a sample book is used to explore the process of re-embodiment of digital images. In the symmetric transept area, sheet music produced under the empire's economy serves as a medium to convey a narrative that is both bloody and joyful. In the choir section, objects created using three different techniques are presented: stained glass inlay, joined pedestals, and shipping crates. Furthermore, the colors used in the exhibition area are configured according to the former Imperial Chemical Industry (ICI) color naming system. Through this exhibition, the artist aims to evoke various cultural memories within the viewers and explore how they correspond to contemporary aesthetics and moral criteria."

Note: « CdV » is an abbreviation for Carte de Visite, which is a patented technique registered by André Adolphe-Eugène Disdéri in 1854. It was an affordable method of image reproduction and became a popular technique in the 19th century.
2. A Topper no. 5196 
Slide projector, 81 slides, coloured plinth,/ 2023
3. Consent 
Charcoal (142x12ømm), QR code, website/ 2023
8. Dulux CP4 paints system 
1. Colonial Red 10YR 09/250, 
2. Cheery Cherry 90RR 31/403, 
3. Thatched Cottage 10YY 17/140, 
4. Triple Olives 45YY 19/400, 
5. Delft China 79BG 53/259, 
6. Brave Baby 67YY 88/044, 
7. Sulphur Burst 50YY 53/687, 
8. Tea Dance 10YR 21/436, 
9. Silky Stone 49GG 52/001 
10. White Whisper 44YY 84/042
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